Mobile metal analysers: On-the-spot solutions for incoming and outgoing inspection

Is the metal or metal alloy you’re working with the right one? Does it have the chemical composition that your supplier promised, your process needs, your customer demands, or your product requires? Metal mistakes and counterfeits are impacting supply chains worldwide. Accepting the wrong alloy at the shipping dock or on the factory floor can mean anything from a troublesome batch rework to a catastrophic loss of business. So for metal producers, metal processors, metal dealers, or service contractors worldwide, inspecting incoming and outgoing metals and their alloys has become a critical quality control (QC) task. However, outsourcing metal sample testing to third-party laboratories introduces considerable time and expense. Even sending samples to an in-house lab can mean significant delays.

Fortunately, there’s a class of instruments that lets users analyse their metal samples on the spot – easily, accurately, and affordably.

Mobile metal analysers have been used for over 30 years to conduct metal analysis onsite. The rapid development in instrument technology has led to significant advances in the application possibilities.

As a technology leader, Spectro has markedly shaped and formed this development from the start. As a global leader in this area, Spectro offers a complete range of metal analyser products – from handheld XRF to arc spark OES spectrometers – for the many different tasks in onsite metal analysis.

The current range of applications for mobile metal analysers far exceeds the original, yet still critical, steel mill sorting requirements. Demanding metal analysis tasks such as the laboratory-like analysis of complex alloys or the detection of nitrogen in duplex steels highlight the modern capabilities of on-site metal analysis.

The complete family of products Spectro offers for onsite metal analysis allows the optimum instrument selection for the individual testing requirements. The right instrument delivers the optimum results. All of Spectro’s onsite metal analysers share important traits like a robust and rugged design, best-of-class analytical performance and intuitive operation.

Spectro have published a white paper on the subject and can be downloaded at This paper highlights some key capabilities of today’s mobile metal analysers (MMAs).

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