Morgan Molten Metal Systems appoints South African distributor Keegor Meltech

Morgan Molten Metal Systems, a division of Morgan Advanced Materials, has announced the appointment of Keegor Meltech (Pty) Ltd to distribute its complete range of crucibles and accessories for the melting, holding and treatment applications used in the casting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and metal alloys in South Africa.

Keegor Meltech (Pty) Ltd is part of the Keegor Group, which includes Leonard Light Industries and Keegor South Africa.

Keegor™ is a brand name that is a registered trademark to Leonard Light Industries (Pty) Ltd, which has been designing and manufacturing a range of Keegor™ brand products since the company’s inception in 1959 for the precious metals assaying and refining industry.

The company products and related accessories include furnaces, smelt-house hardware, sample preparation equipment, cupels, fire-clay crucibles and various items of fire assay hardware including tongs, trays, trolleys, bins, rollers, mixers, plates, cups, slag moulds, laboratory crushers and pulverisers.

With more than 150 years experience, Molten Metal Systems is a recognised leader worldwide in the supply of crucibles to non-ferrous metals industries.


Morgan’s crucibles and foundry products provide melting solutions to foundries, die-casters and metal melting facilities covering melting applications that include zinc, precious metals, aluminium, copper/brass/bronze and other non-ferrous metals.

Morgan’s crucibles are constructed from a wide range of high quality technical materials using advanced manufacturing techniques, and crucibles are available in a comprehensive range of sizes and shapes, for optimum performance in individual applications.

Some of the brand names associated with the Morgan range of crucibles include Salamander Super, Excel, Excel E, Hi-Melt, Grafit, ISO-Alustar, Indux, Stabil, Starrbide, Syncarb, Syncarb Z2, Syncarb Z2 e2 and Ultramelt.

Morgan’s crucibles are manufactured in various forms in fused silica and fireclay, magnesite, clay-graphite, carbon-bonded silicon carbide, tar-bonded silicon carbide and a ceramic bonded clay graphite with a high silicon carbide and graphite content.

The crucibles are used in metal casting operations with temperatures ranging between 400°C and 1600°C, depending on the application.

Morgan Molten Metal Systems also offers a complete range of high performance foundry products and accessories including ladle bowl, launders, sheaths, plungers, tools, degassing tubes and refractory cements.

Morgan Advanced Materials is a manufacturer of ceramic and composite materials which are used in industries ranging from medical and electronics to oil, gas and mining.


“Worldwide, Morgan Advanced Materials has adopted a policy to appoint recognised distributors in the particular fields of industry. In this case we have appointed the Keegor Group who are very active in the precious metals, assaying, foundry and other metal melting industries to service and support these targeted industries,” said Cayan Bagatur, MD of Morgan Advanced Materials for the EMEA region.

“Eddie Short, who has been with Morgan Molten Metal Systems for the last 17 years as Product Manager has been appointed as Sales Director of Keegor Meltech and will remain the primary customer contact,” continued Bagatur.

“This is an exciting development for Morgan Molten Metal Systems’ products and the individual brands. The products are well established within the melting industries and have been growing tremendously in recent years. Morgan Molten Metal Systems has five manufacturing sites around the world – Brazil, China, Germany and two in India – which we source our crucibles from,” enthused Short.

“However, we will still have access to the local manufacturing facility at Morgan Advanced Materials for custom built crucibles. This division of Morgan Advanced Materials in Tulisa Park, Gauteng has just completed an upgrade in equipment for machined graphite products that are used to support specialist processes in demanding high temperature environments where their purity and structural characteristics are critical to achieving the required process quality,” continued Short.

“Additionally, we will be looking to add to the Keegor Meltech portfolio from established Morgan Molten Metal Systems partners. These include fluxes, die coats, degassing machines and epoxy metal fillers. We want to be able to offer a comprehensive range of products to our customers so that they have a one-stop commitment.”

“This arrangement with Morgan is highly complementary to our product portfolio, and we are pleased to expand our already established relationship with Morgan Advanced Materials. We can now provide our customers in South Africa with an extensive portfolio of high-quality products,” said Bruce Hansmeyer, MD of the Keegor Group of Companies.

The agreement comes into effect 1 December 2015.

For further details contact Keegor Meltech on TEL: 011 421 0711 or Eddie Short on 082 460 1593.