New Omega catalogue available

UK based Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd, a company that has over 30 years experience in the foundry machinery sector, has released its latest catalogue that features advanced equipment solutions for the metal casting industry.

The catalogue is printed and designed in an easy to navigate format that includes the essential information on each individual product that the company manufactures. Full colour pictures of these products are also included.

Omega has become a world-class manufacturer of foundry machinery, offering a wide range of products that includes sand mixers, mould handling equipment, shakeouts, thermal sand reclamation plants, core shooters and coating plants. Omega is also capable of assisting with layout and design of new foundries on greenfield sites and in expanding existing ones.

“Our goal of the catalogue is to allow existing and prospective clients to get an informed perspective on the vast array of equipment that we manufacture and supply to the chemically bonded or no bake process manufacturing companies without interfering with their busy schedules. Equally they do not have to plough through reams and reams of technical data before getting to the actual product or solution that they are interested in.”

The catalogue is available in hard copy format and in an electronic version on request. The range of equipment featured starts at small mixers and reclamation plants up to large turnkey projects that include a high degree of automation and control.

Omega has seven subsidiary companies (Australia, India, Malaysia, China, Turkey, South Africa, and US), of which four have full manufacturing capabilities. Sales and service is carried out in conjunction with the subsidiary companies and the company’s agents who are active in over 50 countries worldwide. The company employs around 170 people worldwide, is IS900 accredited and the recipient of the Queens Award for Innovation.

The manufacturing and service for South Africa is the responsibility of Omega’s subsidiary Endeco Omega, who have been manufacturing foundry and related equipment for over 35 years, while the sales and marketing operation is the function of Mondeco Solutions.

The completely new product catalogue showcasing the entire range of equipment offered is available from both companies.

For further information contact Roy Dias of Endeco Omega on TEL: 011 907 1785 or email, or Peter Petersen of Mondeco Solutions on TEL: 079 448 1277 or email or visit