StrikoWestofen introduces mobile website and system-specific QR code identification

The StrikoWestofen Group offers faster system-specific support to their customers. This is made possible by the new mobile website of the company, providing the necessary contact options. A QR code retrofitted to all existing systems allows service technicians to give targeted counselling. The rapid evaluation of error messages sent via contact form makes a distinct contribution towards increased system availability.


StrikoWestofen is now offering a mobile website which is available at This service allows targeted counselling, thus increasing the availability of the melting and dosing systems

Which spare part will improve the efficiency of my system? What does a certain error message mean? Why is there a drop in the efficiency of my system? There are a number of reasons why operators of melting and dosing systems require rapid and system-specific support from competent service partners. “At StrikoWestofen, service does not stop after the planning and delivery of the systems,” explains Holger Stephan, manager of the Service and Spare Parts department at StrikoWestofen. “Even our process-reliable melting and dosing systems are subject to wear. In case of need, a rapid system-specific reaction is important as every minute literally costs money. The new range of services we offer via our mobile website increases the system availability in particular.”

Service concept and rapid solutions
The innovative mobile service concept now allows direct system-specific contact to the relevant service partners at StrikoWestofen. For this purpose, StrikoWestofen will equip all melting and dosing systems with an individual QR code identification in future including all important system information, thus allowing system-specific support. Furthermore, StrikoWestofen will also offer the opportunity to transmit system parameters automatically and receive an evaluation of the error messages. This will limit system down times to a minimum. In addition, users can check for OEM spare parts for their particular system configuration by using the new mobile system. An online database provides the necessary descriptions of spare parts.


Mobile service via QR code identification: besides system-specific counselling and the automatic evaluation of error messages, an online database provides descriptions for system-specific OEM spare parts

StrikoWestofen first presented its mobile service concept at the Euroguss 2014 in Nürnberg. The mobile website can be accessed via any portable terminal device with an internet function.

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