Struers introduces high-capacity Rockwell and entry level Vickers hardness testers

Hardness matters!

Struers has introduced a completely new generation of hardness testing equipment for materialographic quality control in both laboratories and on production floors. The new series of nine Duramin products offer a cost-efficient quality-control process to the market. The products were launched earlier this in Stuttgart at the Control 2017 exhibition.

Manufacturing industries and laboratories are facing fierce global competition. Productivity targets must be met without compromising quality compliance of raw as well as processed solid materials. This is why highly-automated, reproducible and operator-friendly processes within hardness testing are in high demand.

The series of Struers’ nine new generation hardness testing products, which also re-introduce the Duramin brand name, are specifically designed to meet the market-demands for higher productivity and the need to determine the quality and characteristics of solid materials with the highest level of reliability and accuracy.

Robust and operator-friendly design
The prime focus has been put into developing products that are robust and less time-consuming to use by any skilled operator.

The new range of Duramin hardness testers follows international quality standards and obviously fits any need to conduct quantitative tests like Vickers, Rockwell or Brinell.

In order to maximise productivity, the new Duramin hardness testers have been built with great automation features and can be configured to almost any need with a wide list of supplementary accessories to provide fast and reliable data on quality in repeatable processes.

Beginning with the Duramin-170, a high-capacity hardness tester and the Duramin-4, an entry level Vickers hardness tester, the new Duramin range is said to represent the latest generation of highly successful hardness testers. With 30 years of experience within hardness testing, Struers is committed to constant improvement by listening to customers and understanding their evolving needs.

The Duramin-170 is a dedicated Rockwell tester with a load range between one and 250 kilograms. It is suitable for fully automatic Rockwell testing, Jominy testing, and Rockwell testing of large samples. This is a high capacity Rockwell tester, with a motorised test head, optional motorised XY-stage, and an embedded PC. Duramin-170 is particularly suitable for Rockwell testing of large or tall samples or for fully automatic Jominy testing.

Duramin-4 is a manual micro and micro/macro hardness tester. This entry-level range of micro hardness testers primarily targets Vickers testing, but can also be used for Knoop and Brinell testing. The Duramin-4 testers are equipped with a combination of manual and automatic features to ensure easy operation. Duramin-4 is available in two load ranges: 10 grams to two kilograms and one kilogram to 62.5 kilograms. It has an automatic six-position turret, manual XY-stage and Z-axis, and manual indent evaluation via an eyepiece.

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