The new Hawkeye® V2 video borescopes

Manufacturers of complex castings now have the Hawkeye® V2 video borescopes, the next generation of fully portable, articulating, video borescopes manufactured by Gradient Lens Corporation, to inspect their castings.

“We know portability, image quality, and cost-efficiency are the most important factors for inspection and maintenance teams,” said Dr. Doug Kindred, Gradient Lens’ President and Chief Scientist.

“Our new V2 delivers on all three. The wide 70º FOV allows more of the inspection area to be visible to the user, the “deep” DOF allows sharp-focus of objects as close as 15mm, up to infinity and with the optional Close-Focus Tip users can attain sharp focus of objects from 4 to 22mm.”


The Hawkeye V2 is brighter, has higher resolution and has more durable construction than most other portable videoscopes on the market today. It is available in diameters of 4 and 6mm, offers 4-way articulation, a 5” LCD monitor and photo and video capture at the touch of a button.

Optional Close-Focus and 90º prism adaptors are available that work seamlessly with the V2 when the subject matter is close to or to the side of the borescope tip.



The fully portable, Hawkeye V2 video borescopes have flexible, durable, tungsten sheathing and come complete with video monitor and light source, all in one easy-to-use device. Video and still image capture is quick and easy, and images are stored on SD Memory Cards. Those images can be saved, documented and emailed.

The probes are available in lengths of 1.5 and six metres. Custom lengths are available upon request.

The new Hawkeye V2 Videoscopes are fully portable and offer 4-way articulation. However, any Hawkeye Rigid or Flexible Borescopes can be attached to a Luxxor Video Camera allowing high-quality inspection images to be displayed on portable video monitors, or laptop and desktop computers.

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