Updated controls for improved finishing technology – Vulcan Engineering

Vulcan Engineering has recently made several updates to its Foxall® product with a new system controls and an operator interface that is more user friendly than ever, they say. This system has always offered simple programming (online or offline), but now software updates make it more efficient and easier to use.

The Foxall® is an automated casting cleaning cell that is easy to programme and is ideal for high casting throughput and fast part changeover. The success of the Foxall® cell is due to the adaptable, robust design that uses only proven technology. This foundry-duty system is compatible with a variety of materials including aluminium, brass, bronze, iron and steel.


The operator interface features a touch screen HMI where the operator can access equipment I/O status, recipe management, alarms and PM reminders, password protection and has the ability to connect to the customer’s network. Another advantage is Remote Online Diagnostics that permits Vulcan Engineering’s real-time remote access to the control system and all parameters/programmes. This simplifies diagnostics and support while minimising downtime.

An optional force control function allows the next level of adaptability and optimisation. This tool improves grinding efficiency by using a force/torque sensor mounted between the robot and the spindle. Now the system can automatically change TCP speed in response to feed force, therefore improving material removal rate and accuracy.


Additional system updates include a live view interior camera to safely monitor the system while in operation, software is not OS-dependent but rather Java based for compatibility, updated hardware and all electrical components that are off the shelf and readily available.

For further details contact the local agent Eric Benvenuti of Globen Engineering Services and Supplies (Pty) Ltd on TEL: 082 450 8232, or email ericb@globensa.com, or Vulcan Engineering Co. USA on email: sales@vulcangroup.com or visit www.vulcangroup.com